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MKL (math kernel library) is an efficient mathematics library, which many softwares can be compiled against for increased efficiency.



Resource Centre Description
Abisko HPC2N capability resource of 153 TFLOPS with full bisectional infiniband interconnect
Akka HPC2N capability cluster resource of 54 TFLOPS with infiniband interconnect
Alarik LUNARC throughput cluster resource of 40 TFLOPS
Aurora LUNARC throughput/general purpose cluster resource
Kappa NSC throughput cluster resource of 26 TFLOPS
Lindgren PDC Cray XE6 capability cluster with 305 TFLOPS peak performance
Matter NSC cluster resource of 37 TFLOPS dedicated to materials science
Triolith NSC Capability cluster with 338 TFLOPS peak and 1:2 Infiniband fat-tree
Zorn PDC GPU cluster

MKL is actually included as a component in the latest release of the Intel compiler suite, and may therefore be available on further resources than indicated here. Please contact centre support for details. Much of the functionality of MKL is also offered by ACML from AMD. In particular on architectures utilising AMD processors, it is often worthwhile to assess whether MKL or ACML offer better performance for the given software.


License: Site license.

NSC and PDC have a site license for this software.


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