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This property provides a most rudimentary description of the licensing situation regarding a software. Any attempts to go into detail will probably be lengthier than what can be usefully tabulated, so any comments or explanations must by necessity be deferred to the article text, preferably under a "License" heading.

Note that this site only attempts to give the most basic level of licensing information, which will in most cases be grossly over-generalised and thus unuseful for any legal purposes. In all cases, centre support should be contacted directly for licensing details.

This property is of type string and may take one of the following values:

1. Free

Freely available. Example: HMMER

2. Requires license

The software requires that the user has her own license, even in order to use centre provided installations. Example: VASP.

3. Site license

At least one SNIC centre has a site license that enables at least some of its users to use the centre provided installations freely. See software article text for details. Example: Gaussian

Should several conditions apply: pick the highest numbered, and provide explanation in article text.

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Pages using the property "License"

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ABINIT +Free  +
ABySS +Free  +
ACML +Requires license  +
ANFO +Free  +
ANNOVAR +Free  +
ANSYS +Requires license  +
ARC client +Free  +
ASE +Free  +
Ab wtp +Free  +
Abaqus +Requires license  +
Amber +Requires license  +


BEDTools +Free  +
BLAST +Free  +
BLAT +Free  +
BWA +Free  +
BclConverter +Free  +
BioPerl +Free  +
BioPython +Free  +
Bioscope +Site license  +
Bowtie +Free  +


CASTEP +Requires license  +
CDO +Free  +
CESM1 +Free  +
CP2K +Free  +
CPMD +Free  +
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