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This category collects various tools and utilities that facilitate compiling software, administrating and running jobs, and increasing efficiently, for example in a HPC context.


ACMLRequires licenseefficient mathematics library
DDTSite licenseDebugger
Environment modulesFreepackage to manage the systems and application software
GNU compiler collectionFreecompiler collection for a number of languages including C, C++ and Fortran
InspectorSite licensememory error and thread checker
Intel MPISite licenseMPI library
Intel compiler suiteSite licensecompilers for C, C++ and Fortran
MKLSite licenseefficient mathematics library
MVAPICH2FreeMPI library
Open MPIFreeopen source MPI library
PGISite licensecompiler suite
PathScaleSite licensecompiler suite
TotalviewSite licensesource code defect analysis tool
Trace analyzer and collectorSite licenseMPI job analyser tool
VTune AmplifierSite licensethreading and performance optimization tool

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