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The GNU compiler collection (GCC) is a compiler collection for a number of languages including C, C++ and Fortran. It also includes associated libraries. The exact contents included in this package varies between releases, so please refer to the GCC documentation and if in doubt contact the individual centres for versions and details.



Resource Centre Description
Alarik LUNARC throughput cluster resource of 40 TFLOPS
Aurora LUNARC throughput/general purpose cluster resource
Erik LUNARC Prototype system featuring 68 Nvidia Tesla K20m GPU cards and 2 Xeon Phi cards
Platon LUNARC throughput cluster resource of 26 TFLOPS
Triolith NSC Capability cluster with 338 TFLOPS peak and 1:2 Infiniband fat-tree

Tips and tricks

Most SNIC-clusters use Linux for their operating systems. These typically include a version of the GNU compiler collection for direct access. Since this version is typically quite old, users are highly advised to load a module with a more modern version of the GNU compiler collection.


License: Free.


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Official GCC webpage the the GNU compiler collection

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