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This page lists all the active SNIC application experts registered on this site. You can click the username for any person to see more information.

   FieldAE FTEGeneral activities
Person.pngAnders Hast (UPPMAX)UPPMAXVisualisation, Digital Humanities30Software and usability for projects in digital humanities
Person.pngAnders Sjölander (UPPMAX)UPPMAXBioinformatics100Bioinformatics support and training, job efficiency monitoring, project management
Small face.pngAnders Sjöström (LUNARC)LUNARCGPU computing
General programming
Technical acoustics
50Helps users with MATLAB, General programming, Image processing, Usage of clusters
Birgitte-Brydso.jpgBirgitte Brydsö (HPC2N)HPC2NParallel programming
Training, general support
Person.pngBjörn Claremar (UPPMAX)UPPMAXMeteorology, Geoscience100Support for geosciences, Matlab
Person.pngBjörn Viklund (UPPMAX)UPPMAXBioinformatics
100Bioinformatics, containers, software installs at UPPMAX
Chandan.jpgChandan Basu (NSC)NSCComputational science100EU projects IS-ENES and PRACE.
Working on climate and weather codes
Person.pngDiana Iusan (UPPMAX)UPPMAXComputational materials science
Performance tuning
50Compilation, performance optimization, and best practice usage of electronic structure codes.
Frank.jpgFrank Bramkamp (NSC)NSCComputational fluid dynamics100Installation and support of computational fluid dynamics software.
Hamish Struthers-ae-crop.jpgHamish Struthers (NSC)NSCClimate research80Users support focused on weather and climate codes.
Henric Zazzi picture.jpgHenric Zazzi (PDC)PDCBioinformatics100Bioinformatics Application support
Jerry-eriksson.jpgJerry Eriksson (HPC2N)HPC2NParallel programming
HPC, Parallel programming
Jhein 2014.jpgJoachim Hein (LUNARC)LUNARCParallel programming
Performance optimisation
85HPC training
Parallel programming support
Performance optimisation
Person.pngJohan HellsvikPDCMaterialvetenskap30materials theory, modeling of organic magnetic materials,
JohanR.pngJohan Raber (NSC)NSCComputational chemistry50
JonasLindemann.pngJonas Lindemann (LUNARC)LUNARCGrid computing
Desktop environments
20Coordinating SNIC Emerging Technologies
Developer of ARC Job Submission Tool
Grid user documentation
Leading the development of ARC Storage UI
Lunarc Box
Lunarc HPC Desktop
Lars eklund.jpegLars Eklund (UPPMAX)UPPMAXChemistry
Data management
Sensitive data
100Chemistry codes, databases at UPPMAX, sensitive data, PUBA agreements
Lars-viklund.jpgLars Viklund (HPC2N)HPC2NGeneral programming
HPC, General programming, installation of software, support, containers
Lilit.jpgLilit Axner (PDC)PDCComputational fluid dynamics50
Marcus.jpgMarcus Lundberg (UPPMAX)UPPMAXComputational science
Parallel programming
Performance tuning
Sensitive data
100I help users with productivity, program performance, and parallelisation. I also work with allocations and with sensitive data questions
Dahlo.jpgMartin Dahlö (UPPMAX)UPPMAXBioinformatics10Bioinformatic support
Person.pngMatias Piqueras (UPPMAX)UPPMAXHumanities, Social sciences70Support for humanities and social sciences, machine learning
Mikael Djurfeldt.jpgMikael Djurfeldt (PDC)PDCNeuroinformatics100
Mirko-myllykoski.jpgMirko Myllykoski (HPC2N)HPC2NParallel programming
GPU computing
Parallel programming, HPC, GPU programming, advanced support
Pavlin.jpgPavlin Mitev (UPPMAX)UPPMAXComputational materials science100
Pedro-ojeda-may.jpgPedro Ojeda-May (HPC2N)HPC2NMolecular dynamics
Machine learning
Quantum Chemistry
Training, HPC, Quantum Chemistry, Molecular dynamics, R, advanced support
PeterK.jpgPeter Kjellström (NSC)NSCComputational science100All types of HPC Support.
PeterM.jpgPeter Münger (NSC)NSCComputational science60Installation and support of MATLAB, Comsol, and Julia.
Rickard.jpgRickard Armiento (NSC)NSCComputational materials science40Maintainer of the scientific software environment at NSC.
Person.pngSzilard PallPDCMolecular dynamics55Algorithms & methods for accelerating molecular dynamics, Parallelization and acceleration of molecular dynamics on modern high performance computing architectures, High performance computing, manycore and heterogeneous architectures, GPU computing
Person.pngThomas Svedberg (C3SE)C3SESolid mechanics
Torben small.jpgTorben Rasmussen (NSC)NSCComputational chemistry100Installation and support of computational chemistry software.
Weizhang.pngWei Zhang (NSC)NSCComputational science
Parallel programming
Performance optimisation
code optimization, parallelization.
Weine olovsson.jpgWeine Olovsson (NSC)NSCComputational materials science90Application support, installation and help
Person.pngÅke Sandgren (HPC2N)HPC2NComputational science50SGUSI

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