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This page contains information on how one should edit this wiki, eg: best practices, protocols, templates and the like.

These pages are a highly recommended read:

Recommendations for editors
How to configure your account and to make sure your information gets displayed correctly.
Oh God how does any of this work (Tutorial)
Quickly get up to speed with adding content. Has a nifty Self-education section that helps you discover exactly how things work around here.
Content policy
What goes onto the wiki and what does not.
Naming protocol
How to choose and spell names, terms, titles and the like.
Creating pages
Helpful guides to creating pages. Contains nifty stuff with templates and examples that will reduce the amount of work you'll have to do.
Example pages
Your first stop for creating pages.
Categories and properties
What they are, how they are used, and how to create new ones.
Editing help
Help with syntax, formatting and other practicalities.


This site has a lot of dynamically generated content, making heavy use of templates and the semantic mediawiki extension. If anything looks broken or incorrect, please use the corresponding talk page to notify the person responsible. If all else fails, please notify User_talk:Joel Hedlund (NSC).