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This page provides an overview on high performance computed related training available to users and personnel of the SNIC.


Training events offered or supported by SNIC

Start date End date Event type Location Description
MD/CHARMM course at HPC2N (4 May 2017) 2457877.54 May 2017 2457877.54 May 2017 Course Umeå Computational Chemistry - MD/CHARMM course in Umeå
Cluster architecture and job submission (Lunarc, May 2017) 2457884.511 May 2017 2457884.511 May 2017 Seminar Lund (Lunarc) Cluster architecture and job submission
C3SE Introductory Seminar May 17 2017 2457890.517 May 2017 2457890.517 May 2017 Seminar Göteborg Seminar for new users at C3SE, describing how to use our systems
Using Matlab in an HPC environment (Lunarc, 2017) 2457891.518 May 2017 2457891.518 May 2017 Seminar Lund (Lunarc) Using Matlab in an HPC environment
CodeRefinery Scientific Programming Gettogether (May 2017) 2457892.519 May 2017 2457892.519 May 2017 Course Stockholm (PDC) Building a Nordic community of research software developers

An overview on training events offered in the past is available from the past training events page.

Training offered by other providers

Community specific training

Online training material

Data Management Seminar Online Data management seminar recording
SNIC Science Cloud Workshop Material Material for technical training and workshops hosted by SNIC Science Cloud.


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