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Uppsala Multidisciplinary Center for Advanced Computational Science (UPPMAX) is located at Uppsala University.

List of resources

Gradcluster resource primarily used for SweGrid
Halvanshared-memory computer with 64 cores and 2 TB of memory
Kalkylcluster resource of about 21 TFLOPS
UPPMAX storageUPPMAX Swestore storage node of 200Tb


  RoleFieldAE FTEGeneral activities
Person.pngAnders Hast (UPPMAX)Application expertVisualisation, Digital Humanities30Software and usability for projects in digital humanities
Person.pngAnders Sjölander (UPPMAX)Application expertBioinformatics100Bioinformatics support and training, job efficiency monitoring, project management
Person.pngBjörn Claremar (UPPMAX)Application expertMeteorology, Geoscience100Support for geosciences, Matlab
Person.pngBjörn Viklund (UPPMAX)Application expertBioinformatics
100Bioinformatics, containers, software installs at UPPMAX
Person.pngDiana Iusan (UPPMAX)Application expertComputational materials science
Performance tuning
50Compilation, performance optimization, and best practice usage of electronic structure codes.
Lars eklund.jpegLars Eklund (UPPMAX)Application expertChemistry
Data management
Sensitive data
100Chemistry codes, databases at UPPMAX, sensitive data, PUBA agreements
Marcus.jpgMarcus Lundberg (UPPMAX)Application expertComputational science
Parallel programming
Performance tuning
Sensitive data
100I help users with productivity, program performance, and parallelisation. I also work with allocations and with sensitive data questions
Dahlo.jpgMartin Dahlö (UPPMAX)Application expertBioinformatics10Bioinformatic support
Person.pngMatias Piqueras (UPPMAX)Application expertHumanities, Social sciences70Support for humanities and social sciences, machine learning
Pavlin.jpgPavlin Mitev (UPPMAX)Application expertComputational materials science100