Improved FFT and I/O for the Pencil code

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Name Improved FFT and I/O for the Pencil code
Description Enabling support as part of the Prace DECI 8 program
Project financing   PRACE
Is active yes
Start date 2011-05
End date 2012-04

This is part of the DECI enabling support of PRACE and supports a DECI 8 project which uses the Pencil-code to simulate the development of Planetesimals. The support project wants to improve the Pencil-code in two ways:

  • Replacing the presently used FFT library with the FFTW library
  • Upgrading the existing I/O architecture to a more flexible parallel I/O


Joachim Hein (LUNARC)LUNARCApplication expertParallel programming
Performance optimisation
Luis Fazendeiro (C3SE)C3SEApplication expertParallel programming