PconsC for Fido

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Name PconsC for Fido
Description Web hosting for PconsC
Research project SeRC: Combination of direct information methods and alignments improves contact prediction.
Project financing   SeRC
Is active no
Start date 2013-09-07
End date 2014-03-10

Hosting the PconsC code by Marcin Skwark et al on the Fido system for providing PconsC predictions as a service.



  • Marcin Skwark (SciLifeLab KI)
  • Arne Elofsson (SciLifeLab KI)


  • Robert Pilstål (LiU)
  • Björn Wallner (LiU)


Contact prediction from primary sequence, via multiple iterative database homology search.
Caching results from successful runs.
PconsC takes in the order of hours to run, but output files are small and can be cached to disk at little cost, for instant output when re-running predictions. This is useful to avoid overload e.g. should a course decides to use the service as an example.


First draft for the service opened for requestors on the production system for comments.