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Name Fido
Description Easy access to safe and reliable hosting and computation for Swedish bioinformatics.
Project financing   SNIC, BILS
Is active no
Start date 2011-05-20
End date 2014-05-20

The Fido project aims to provide web hosting and computation services for Swedish bioinformatic research, partly to facilitate bioinformatics, but primarily to promote and increase exposure for Swedish research by providing a safe, reliable and secure web portal interface. The focus is on security, modularity, scalability and ease of adding new functionality. The Fido platform is now open for public access.


The first publicly accessible Fido service was a BLAST service for sequences from the Datisca glomerata nodule transcriptome project, and is available here. Work has been initiated to add three more services to the system, in collaboration with three different research groups.


Some technologies used in Fido include SLURM, Apache, MySQL, Python and Django. Work has been initiated to enable further scheduling integration, like for instance ARC for elastic offloading of large scale jobs to other resources.


Fido currently is a minimal scalable cluster resource (one system server, one front end server, and two worker servers). This original system is in the process of being extended with more worker nodes, and installations at other sites are currently under way.


User:Joel Hedlund (NSC) is the Fido project leader and development supervisor.

Krishnaveni Chitrapu (NSC)NSCSystems expertSoftware development

Additionally, in April 2013 Jonas Hagberg was employed by BILS to do Fido development.