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Soon-Heum Ko (NSC)

Application expert in Computational fluid dynamics, 100% full time equivalent, financed by SNIC (30%) and PRACE (70%)

Is active
General activities
PRACE European Project, SMHI HYPRE Parallelisation, SNIC Parallelisation Support

Quick facts

  • If you feel troubled in pronouncing Soon-Heum, then just call me Jeff
  • Work at NSC since 2011
  • Ph.D. in 2008; Two years of postdoctoral experience in computational science (Code porting to scientific frameworks, hybrid CFD-MD simulation with scheduling of coupled applications)
  • Details on experiences/researches and biography can be found here



Old Projects

Ended in 2012

  • LES_Code_Parallelization NSC-promoted code parallelization support. A collaboration with Prof. L. Davidson from Charmers University on parallelizing his LES code.
  • Performance_Analysis_of_ad_OSS_Program Performance Analysis for ad_OSS Program. The work performs profiling and analysis of an in-house water molecule modeling code, called 'ad_OSS'. Work has been achieved for the consultation of Prof. Lars Ojamae @ LiU.
  • Synthetic_Benchmark_on_Curie Synthetic benchmark analysis on Curie Tier-0 system. A 1IP task in the PRACE project, which objects to develop the European HPC Ecosystem.
  • NSC_GPU_and_Accelerator_Pilot GPU/Accelerator Pilot Project at NSC GPU/IntelMIC system construction and the programming model test.

Ended in 2013

Ended in 2014