Performance Benchmark of NEMO Oceanography Code

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Name Performance Benchmark of NEMO Oceanography Code
Description Application Benchmark of NEMO Oceanography Code on CURIE Tier-0 System
Project financing   PRACE
Is active No
Start date 2012-07-01
End date 2013-06-30

This project is a task under the UEABS (Unified European Application Benchmark Suite) work which is PRACE 2IP WP7.4. This project aims for benchmarking the performance of NEMO oceanography code on Tier-0 PRACE resources. NSC is in charge of performing the benchmark and analyzing its result on CURIE system. NSC experimented on optimal compilation option set (performance optimisation set to -O3 -ipo -xAVX), and performed the benchmark runs which results in good scalability. NSC also contributed in incorporating the code to run under JuBE European Benchmark Framework. Details can be found in the Final Deliverable.


Soon-Heum Ko (NSC)NSCApplication expertComputational fluid dynamics