HYPE Code Parallelisation

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Name HYPE Code Parallelisation
Description Performance Analysis and Parallelisation of SMHI's HYPE Code
Project financing   SMHI
Is active No
Start date 2012-12-01
End date 2013-01-30

This project aims for increasing the performance of SMHI's HYPE code. NSC takes the role of analyzing the code, suggesting the techniques to improve the performance of the sequential code, and conducting the parallelisation. The project consists of 4 phases: Code Analysis, Serial Code Improvement, Quality Insurance, and Parallelisation. NSC fully contributed the first phase, whose period was 01/12/12 -- 01/02/13, and SMHI is making the effort on the second phase as of 31/08/13. NSC will strongly contribute again in the fourth phase, which is expected to start in the start of 2014.


Soon-Heum Ko (NSC)NSCApplication expertComputational fluid dynamics