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This is a tentative page which showcases different possible ways to display project information lists. Once all features are in place and tested this page will be finalized into something more readable. 
== Ongoing projects ==
== Ongoing projects ==

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Ongoing projects

Alya performance benchmarkAlya performance benchmarkComputational fluid dynamics
Bolin Centre software management through local modules - trial evaluation.Set up and evaluate a local module system on Triolith for Bolin Centre software installations.Climate research
Comparative study of major ab initio software for materials scienceComparing major ab initio software for materials scienceComputational materials science
Essense Code OptimisationEssense Code Analysis and OptimisationComputational fluid dynamics
Computational science
Improved FFT and I/O for the Pencil codeEnabling support as part of the Prace DECI 8 programComputational astrophysics
Nek5000 BCBoundary conditions for Nek5000Computational fluid dynamics
Nek5000 OpenACCNek5000 with OpenACCComputational fluid dynamics
Nordic collaboration on e-infrastructures for Earth System ModelingNeIC climate and environment collaborative project.Climate research
Parallel FFTs in MolsimPerformance improvement of the SPME in MolsimComputational chemistry
Parallel Programming EducationTraining in parallel programmingComputational science
HPC training
Parallelization of a materials science codeParallelization request for a materials science codeComputational materials science
Computational science
PatchworkPatchwork: Bioinformatic tool for allele-specific copynumber analysis of tumor samplesBioinformatics
SNIC Emerging TechnologiesCoordinating new and emerging technologies within SNIC.Emerging technologies
SNIC Science CloudSNIC Science Cloud is a cloud computing infrastructure run by SNIC.Cloud computing
SNIC coordinated trainingSNIC coordinated trainingHPC training
SnicdocsA knowledgebase of user oriented information in Swedish academic high performance computing.
Test suite for VASPTest suite for VASPComputational materials science