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Name Patchwork
Description Patchwork: Bioinformatic tool for allele-specific copynumber analysis of tumor samples
Project financing   SNIC/SciLifeLab
Is active yes
Start date 2012-06-01
End date 2013-10-01

Patchwork is a bioinformatic tool for analyzing and visualizing allele-specific copy numbers and loss-of-heterozygosity in cancer genomes. The data input is in the format of whole-genome sequencing data which enables characterization of genomic alterations ranging in size from point mutations to entire chromosomes. High quality results are obtained even if samples have low coverage, ~4x, low tumor cell content or are aneuploid.

Patchwork is available for two data types. Patchwork takes BAM files as input whereas PatchworkCG takes input from CompleteGenomics files.



Sebastian DiLorenzo (UPPMAX)UPPMAXApplication expertBioinformatics