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A virtual open-house on computing, visualisation and data processing

You are invited to a virtual meeting room. Inside the meeting room we like to discuss the services offered by the SNIC centres and how they can be used for your computational needs, help you process your data and visualise your results. Participants are highly encouraged to pose their own questions. Discussion topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Computing and storage resources offered
  • Software available
  • Using interactive desktop services allowing graphical tools to directly interact with your data on the cluster
  • Day-to-day interaction with the cluster, job queues, software stack
  • Workflows and workflow improvements
  • Questions regarding data storage, handling of sensitive data, etc.
  • Options if you current systems (e.g. laptop/desktop) do not satisfy your needs
  • Solutions to inadequate performance of existing local compute solutions (e.g. workstation, laptop)
  • Problem reports, usability issues
  • Software development, code parallelisation, debuggers, performance investigations
  • Computing and storage

A number of SNIC staff members will attend the session, offering a broad area of expertise. The event is open to current users of SNIC resources and academics interested in using the resources in the future.

Next session and registration

The next zoom-ins are scheduled for:

  • 17th November 2022
  • 15th December 2022

Sessions start at 14:00. Participation is via zoom-link.

You can

register here

to obtain the zoom-link for the session on 17th November. The link will be sent by email. This should work even after the start of the event.