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Mats Kronberg (NSC)

Systems expert in

Other activities
Systems Expert at NSC (100% FTE)

Quick facts

  • Primary system administrator for Triolith
  • Primary system administrator for NSC Centre Storage
  • Primary system administrator for Vagn
  • User support, software installs etc for the above systems and other NSC resources (mostly Kappa and Matter)
  • At NSC since 2010.
  • Background:
    • 2008-2010: System administrator at Opera Software (large-scale 24/7/365 application clusters for Opera Mini and Opera Turbo, capacity planning, performance and availability monitoring, developer support, customer projects, ...)
    • 1996-2000,2001-2008: System administrator at Saab (development environment, networking, monitoring, flight simulators, real-time computing, user support, tape backups, ...)
    • 2001: System administrator at Linköping University (administrative systems (LADOK, ...), systems monitoring, DHCP, ...)