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This page lists all the SNIC application experts who are registered on this site, but who are currently not active. You can click the username for any person to see more information.

   FieldAE FTEGeneral activities
Person.pngBiplab Sanyal (UPPMAX)UPPMAXComputational materials science50Involved in PRACE 2IP-WP7.
National support for softwares used in materials science.
Daniels.jpgDaniel Spångberg (UPPMAX)UPPMAXSNAC-WG25Helps user with choice, installation, use, and writing of molecular simulation packages.
Elias.jpgElias Rudberg (UPPMAX)UPPMAXAlgorithm and code development50I give advice to users regarding programming, compiling, debugging, optimizing, and parallelizing their code.
Person.pngErik Fransson (C3SE)C3SEComputational materials science100Various modification and analysis tool development
MyPhoto 110x160 forSNIC AE.pngHåkan Nilsson (C3SE)C3SEComputational fluid dynamics30Organize a PhD course in CFD with OpenSource Software OpenFOAM. Organize OpenFOAM user group meetings. OpenFOAM installations.
Joel hat.pngJoel Hedlund (NSC)NSCBioinformatics0
Jonathan Vincent.pngJonathan Vincent (PDC)PDCParallel programming100
Person.pngLuis Fazendeiro (C3SE)C3SEParallel programming25Plasma physics code development, PRACE application support
Person.pngMats Nylén (HPC2N)HPC2NGrid computing
Person.pngMattias Ellert (UPPMAX)UPPMAXGrid computing25Development of ARC middleware.
Member of SGUSI.
Person.pngMattias Slabanja (C3SE)C3SEComputational materials science50Getting started support
Various modification and analysis tool development
MichaelSt.jpgMichael Stenrup (UPPMAX)UPPMAXComputational chemistry25
Image.jpgNina Fischer (UPPMAX)UPPMAXComputational biology25
Ov.jpgOlav Vahtras (PDC)PDCComputational chemistry0
Oscar.pngOscar.granasComputational materials science50Algorithms for computational material science
Implementation of new physical models.
Rewriting high performance codes for new architectures.
Pall olason SNIC.jpgPall Isolfur Olason (UPPMAX)UPPMAXBioinformatics50High throughput sequencing analysis.
Pla-110x160.jpgPeter Larsson (PDC)NSCComputational materials science20Application support
Testing & Quality Assurance
Radovan bast.jpgRadovan Bast (PDC)PDCComputational chemistry50Computational chemistry
Person.pngSamuel Lampa (UPPMAX)UPPMAXBioinformatics50Graphical HPC clients and other development projects
Sebbe headshot.jpgSebastian DiLorenzo (UPPMAX)UPPMAXBioinformatics50National bioinformatic support, NGS tumor data
Jeff.jpgSoon-Heum Ko (NSC)NSCComputational fluid dynamics100PRACE European Project, SMHI HYPRE Parallelisation, SNIC Parallelisation Support

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