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Minimal training event page. Copy and edit to suit your needs. Page name should be as descriptive as possible (e.g. "PDC summer school in HPC 2014" is better than "HPC training", because it allows to have subsequent trainings with the same name. See Template:training event info for details.

Remember to create the Talk: page (example here).

Example with fine tuned output:

{{training event info
|description=parallel performance optimization tools
|fields=Bioinformatics; Commercial ecclesiasticities
|start date=2014-05-20
|end date=2014-05-24

Describe your training here, using your document structure of choice and in as much detail as you deem necessary. Look at other trainings for guidance. 

== Registration ==

== Venue ==

== Trainers ==

== Schedule ==

== Registered ==

{|class="wikitable sortable"
|joel || nsc