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This template registers the relevant categories and properties for a training event. Will protest loudly in bold red if mandatory information is missing. If you do not wish to provide a certain piece of required information: do not use this template. Or else you will corrupt the database with incorrect information.

Usage: {{training event info|description=|fields=|location=|start date=|end date=|name={{PAGENAME}}}}

All the parameters are named, and can be given in any order. description should be a shortest-possible style description of the training event's purpose or activities, which should not start with the word "a" or a capital letter, and should not end with a full stop character. location should be the name of the city where this training will be held or online for a web technology based event. fields is a semicolon separated list of fields associated with this training. start date and end date give the start and end dates of the training. name defaults to {{PAGENAME}} and should in principle never have to be set to anything else.

This template produces a small table with the given information as readable output, but this can be suppressed by setting quiet=true.


{{training event info
|description=parallel performance optimization tools
|fields=Bioinformatics; Commercial ecclesiasticities
|event type=Course
|start date=2014-05-20
|end date=2014-05-24