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FEFF is a real-space full multiple scattering (RSFMS) Green's function method, but it is also possible to do calculations in k-space. It is a popular code for obtaining theoretical spectra, e.g. for EXAFS and XANES.


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Further information

Since it is a Green's function technique the computations are typically fast compared with other DFT methods. An older version, FEFF6, is freely available for EXAFS calculations. It is also available together with analyzing software, see link.


License: Requires license. In order to use the code a research group needs a valid license. See link.


These experts have registered specific competence on this subject:

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Weine Olovsson (NSC)NSCComputational materials science90Application support, installation and help


  • web page. Here further information about FEFF can be found.
  • web page. Another official FEFF page.