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This is a minimum-style description of what activities a person typically engages in in their designated role as described on this wiki (eg. application expert or systems expert). This should not be regarded as a daily blog of what the person is up to, but should rather list more general things, or larger projects.

This should be kept as short as possible; just a few words, not even a full sentence, but with leading capital letter and ending full stop character. It can also be set multiple times to specify multiple different activities, and if so, they should be listed in decreasing order of importance.

In some cases, the phrase "Application expert in FIELD" is sufficiently descriptive in itself, and if so this property should be left blank.

This property is of type: string.

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Chemistry codes, databases at UPPMAX, sensitive data, PUBA agreements  +
HPC, General programming, installation of software, support, containers  +
Plasma physics code development, PRACE application support  +
I help users with productivity, program performance, and parallelisation. I also work with allocations and with sensitive data questions  +
Bioinformatic support  +
Support for humanities and social sciences, machine learning  +
Development of ARC middleware.  +, Member of SGUSI.  +
Getting started support  +, Various modification and analysis tool development  +
Parallel programming, HPC, GPU programming, advanced support  +
Algorithms for computational material science  +, Implementation of new physical models.  +, Rewriting high performance codes for new architectures.  +
High throughput sequencing analysis.  +
Training, HPC, Quantum Chemistry, Molecular dynamics, R, advanced support  +
All types of HPC Support.  +
Application support  +, Benchmarking  +, Testing & Quality Assurance  +
Installation and support of MATLAB, Comsol, and Julia.  +
Computational chemistry  +
Maintainer of the scientific software environment at NSC.  +
Graphical HPC clients and other development projects  +
National bioinformatic support, NGS tumor data  +
PRACE European Project, SMHI HYPRE Parallelisation, SNIC Parallelisation Support  +
Algorithms & methods for accelerating molecular dynamics, Parallelization and acceleration of molecular dynamics on modern high performance computing architectures, High performance computing, manycore and heterogeneous architectures, GPU computing  +
Installation and support of computational chemistry software.  +
code optimization, parallelization.  +
Application support, installation and help  +