Visualisation and interactivity in HPC (LUNARC, March 2019)

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Name Visualisation and interactivity in HPC (LUNARC, March 2019)
Description Visualisation and interactivity in HPC - The LUNARC HPC Desktop
Type of event Seminar
Location Lund (LUNARC)
Start date 2019-03-07
End date 2019-03-07

The LUNARC HPC Desktop provides SNIC users with a solution for hardware accelerated remote visualization that will provide a new scalable approach to HPC and scientific data visualization. The desktop introduces a convenient way to work with our clusters using not only multiple terminal windows but also file browsers, editors, graphical tools such as queue status and debuggers, 2D and 3D applications, etc. This seminar will give a short introduction on how to get started with the LUNARC HPC Desktop and the applications available. We will also present LUNARC HPC Desktop On-Demand, which enables users to request time on dedicated servers for running graphical user interfaces with hardware accelerated graphics.

Please visit the event page for more information and registration.