Using the DDT debugger (Lunarc, October 2015)

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Name Using the DDT debugger (Lunarc, October 2015)
Description Speeding up code modernisation and bug resolution with Allinea DDT
Type of event Course
Location Lund (Lunarc)
Start date 2015-10-01
End date 2015-10-01

Seminar overview

As part of the HPC facilities, SNIC provides access to a national licence of Allinea DDT - available to users of all SNIC centres. Allinea DDT facilitates debugging of C, C++ and Fortran sources and helps address code modernization questions on a wide range of architectures - including Intel, ARM or Nvidia systems. Allinea DDT is designed to support the highest level of scalability (MPI processes, OpenMP, OpenACC, CUDA...) and can spectacularly reduce your time to debug.

During this training, an Allinea trainer will help you get started with Allinea DDT and hone your debugging skills with a professional development tool. To achieve this, the course will rely on a rich set of hands-on exercises covering a wide range of issues and challenges.


The course will be delivered by Allinea Staff

Course web page and registration

See the link for more information on and registration for the event.