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The Innovator That's Tony Hakim

Tony Hakim stands out as the principal of an Anti-Depression Association of Australia (ADAA), which I chair. He has been brilliant, he has been certainly one of the factors it's all achievable, especially on the strategy. We are actually considering this association for too long. The project is great. It is somehow contemporary to us since neither him nor I tried a non-profit venture before.

The two of us have built a strong working and personal connection over a long time. I first met Tony Hakim at high school when we're both at Marist Brothers Pagewood. I was originally mates with his brother, and we were introduced.

As soon as I left school, I have not heard anything from Tony. I was doing work as a consultant and he possessed a small company in the Telco industry.

During the past, I worked for the Minister for Consumer Affairs, writing the answers to numerous inquiries. It was through that time when I have perfected my reading and interpreting skills.

When I looked at Tony's business, I am certain that there was future there. If Tony can combine his clients' billings, then he can resell Telco services that were then purely available to Optus and Telstra.

I traveled one day to his farm, to show him just what he might do . And the next thing I realized, he participates into reselling. His employee increased from 16 to 200 in just one year ... Tony then sold this new firm to Digicall.

I left and parted to begin a family. He went to set up his main company. Three years after, he phoned me to urge if there is just about any new venture that we could permeate. I told him that I always wanted a country wide Telco company.

We combined a billing platform with a hardware system so consumers may save cash. Jeff Kennett, Chairman of Beyond Blue, the national Depression initiative was our very first chairman and within three years we were certainly national with more than 500 staff and contractors. Isn't it a superior concept when the consumers could just use their bills to spend for other Telco expenses? Folks are choosing plan because of its convenience. We also had landline plans which is a customer fave.

This brings us to the present and the ADAA. Tony is a investment expert and a good planner. Also a wonderful confidante, which I actually encounter. For example, I mentioned to him that we now know just how to fix anxiety and depression but it has large costs attached. He quickly evaluated my model and had determined the key resolution of the service. He recommended that we could set it up online. The upfront fee could be higher but at least we just have to pay once. As soon as set-up, the cost will be reduced at the same time it will can reach to even more crowd.

Tony assisted me develop models, through ADAA associate companies, which is now set to commence on the 18th of March. They'll aid, possibly, thousands of individuals.

He is a man of few words. As you can see presently, I am proud to be Tony Hakim's friend.