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This template registers the relevant categories and properties for a software. Will protest loudly in bold red if mandatory information is missing. If you do not wish to provide a certain piece of required information: do not use this template. Or else you will corrupt the database with incorrect information.

Usage: {{software info|description=|license=|fields=|name={{PAGENAME}}}}

All the parameters are named, and can be given in any order. description is required. Multiple fields can be specified using semicolon separated lists of names, optionally split over multiple lines. List fields in order of relevance (most relevant first) to ensure that sorting of dynamically generated tables will work as expected. See example below.

license should be one of the allowed values (Free, Requires license, Site license), see description on Property:License.

name defaults to {{PAGENAME}}, and it should in principle never be necessary to set it to anything else.

Example (as used on the GROMACS page):

{{software info
|description=a versatile package for molecular dynamics
|research areas=Molecular dynamics; Computational chemistry; Bioinformatics