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ARC clientARC client installationARC client installation Mac OS X
ARC developer guideASEAb wtp
Accessing Swestore using CyberduckAccessing Swestore with cURLAccessing Swestore with davfs2
Accessing Swestore with globus-url-copyAccessing Swestore with lftpAccessing Swestore with the ARC client
Add client certificate to keychain on macOSAdvanced GPU Programming (November 2015)
AkkaAlarikAllinea Performance and Debugging Tools Workshop (C3SE January 2016)
Allinea Performance and Debugging Tools Workshop (HPC2N January 2016)Allinea Performance and Debugging Tools Workshop (PDC January 2016)Alya performance benchmark
AmberAn introduction to UNIX/LINUX, February 2018An introduction to UNIX/LINUX, February 2019
An introduction to UNIX/LINUX, October 2017An introduction to UNIX/LINUX, September 2018An introduction to solving partial differential equations in Python with FEniCS (Lunarc June 2015)
Application examples
Application expertsApplied Cloud Computing Workshop (March 2016)Applied Cloud Computing Workshop (UPPMAX, October 2015)
Apply for storage on Swestore
Artificial Intelligence Workshop with IBM (Lund, March 2019)Aurora
Awk workshop (UPPMAX, August 2016)Awk workshop (UPPMAX, August 2017)Awk workshop (UPPMAX, August 2018)
Awk workshop (UPPMAX, January 2016)Awk workshop (UPPMAX, January 2017)Awk workshop (UPPMAX, January 2018)
Awk workshop (UPPMAX, January 2019)BEDToolsBILS websearch
Bolin Centre software management through local modules - trial evaluation.
BowtieBuilding CESM Tetralith
Building CESM models on the NSC triolith systemBuilding CESM models on the PDC Beskow systemBuilding MOM (Modular Ocean Model) on the PDC Beskow system
Building NorESM (CMIP5) on the NSC triolith systemBuilding NorESM 1 TetralithBuilding and running the COAMPS model on triolith
Building and testing WRF on TrioliothBuilding and testing WRF on TriolithBuilding interpinic tool for interpolation of land initial conditions for the CESM1.1 model
Building mom5.0.2 (modular ocean model) on triolithBuilding the PORT (Parallel Offline Radiative Transfer) configuration of CESM on TriolithC
C++C3SEC3SE Debugging Seminar April 29 2015
C3SE Environment Seminar March 12 2015C3SE Introductory Seminar April 13 2016C3SE Introductory Seminar April 19 2017
C3SE Introductory Seminar February 10 2015C3SE Introductory Seminar February 14 2017C3SE Introductory Seminar February 20 2018
C3SE Introductory Seminar January 30 2019C3SE Introductory Seminar March 21 2018C3SE Introductory Seminar March 25 2015
C3SE Introductory Seminar March 26 2019C3SE Introductory Seminar May 16 2018
C3SE Introductory Seminar May 17 2017C3SE Introductory Seminar May 18 2016C3SE Introductory Seminar May 20 2015
C3SE Introductory Seminar May 8 2019C3SE Introductory Seminar November 20 2018C3SE Introductory Seminar November 21 2017
C3SE Introductory Seminar October 17 2018C3SE Introductory Seminar October 18 2017C3SE Introductory Seminar September 19 2018
C3SE Introductory Seminar September 20 2017C3SE Linux for Beginners Seminar February 24 2015C3SE Scheduling Seminar April 1 2015
C3SE Software Development Seminar April 14 2015C3SE storage
CESM1CESM & NorESM users on Triolith: changing to the new centre storage (/proj/) systemCP2K
Chalmers Certificate InstructionsCharmm
ClustalWCluster architecture and job submission (Lunarc, February 2018)
Cluster architecture and job submission (Lunarc, February 2019)Cluster architecture and job submission (Lunarc, May 2017)Cluster architecture and job submission (Lunarc, October 2017)
Cluster architecture and job submission (Lunarc, October 2018)CodeRefinery Scientific Programming Gettogether (May 2017)CodeRefinery Workshop (Lund, May 2018)
CodeRefinery Workshop on Sustainable Scientific Software Development (February 2017)CodeRefinery Workshop on Sustainable Scientific Software Development (November 2017)Code Optimisation and Performance Tuning (November 2015)
Code Optimisation and Performance Tuning for Xeon Processors (October 2016)Commercial engineering software (Lund, Nov 2017)Comparative study of major ab initio software for materials science
Computational Chemistry - Enhanced Sampling MD Course at HPC2N (Ume, February 2018)Computational Chemistry Course - MD Simulations, HPC2N, 20 November 2017Computer-Aided Drug Design
ComsolConcaterpillarConfiguration of CAM5.3 nudged to ERA-Interim reanalysis and related post-processing software
CootCourse: Efficient MD simulations at HPC2N (February 2019)Course: Python for Scientific Computing
DDT (PDC September 2014)DIANADacapo
DaltonDalton CPP-LR parallelizationData Management Seminar Online
Data management seminar (UPPMAX, March 2016)Deep Dive Code Analysis and Optimization (Linkoeping, February 2017)Deep Dive Code Analysis and Optimization (Lund, February 2017)
Deep Dive Code Analysis and Optimization (Stockholm, February 2017)DesmondDevelop multi-category LIM3 sea-ice capabilities in EC-Earth 3
Distributed memory programmingDjangoEC-Earth
EC-Earth/COSP code analysisEC-Earth and CESM model timings
EC-Earth compilation and performance analysis: BeskowEMBOSSEMMAX
EdgeEfieldElectronic Structure Workshop (Linköping, March 2017)
ElkEnabling Xnavis for Massively Parallel Simulations of Wind FarmsEnvironment modules
ErikEssense Code OptimisationExciting-code
Exporting a client certificateExporting a client certificate from ChromeExporting a client certificate from Firefox
Exporting a client certificate on WindowsExporting a client certificate on macOS
GCTAGENEGNU compiler collection
GPAWGROMACSGU Certificate Instructions
GaussianGaussian Workshop, HPC2N, 14-15 May 2018
Getting started with SweGridGlenn
GreensGrid certificates
HPC2N storageHPC Tools for the Modern Era (PDC, October 2018)HYPE Code Parallelisation
HalvanHierarchical modules and software selection (Lund, December 2017)Hierarchical modules and software selection (Lund, March 2018)
Hierarchical modules and software selection (Lund, October 2018)Hkl2map
How to work effectively on Tetralith (Stockholm Dec 2018)How to work effectively on Tetralith / Sigma (Linköping Nov 2018)
IDrop webIDrop web testlist 20140228
Implementation of parallel NetCDF output and COSP in OpenIFSImproved FFT and I/O for the Pencil codeImproving MPI communication latency on euroben kernels
Infrastructure for the European Network for Earth System modelling - Phase 2InspectorIntegration of OpenIFS into EC-Earth3
Intel Cluster Studio/HPC Training (HPC2N, November 2015)Intel Compiler (Lunarc November 2016)Intel MPI
Intel compiler suiteIntel development / HPC tools (HPC2N, May 2016)
Introduction to Deep Learning, Umeå (22-23 November 2018)Introduction to Distributed Memory Programming and MPI (HPC2N, April 23, 2015)
Introduction to GPU programming with CUDA (PDC, May 2015)Introduction to HPC2N (January 2019)Introduction to HPC2N (September 2017)
Introduction to HPC2N (September 2018)Introduction to HPC2N (Umeå, January 2018)Introduction to HPC2N and Kebnekaise (February 2017)
Introduction to HPC2N and Kebnekaise (November 2016)Introduction to HPC (HPC2N, October 2015)Introduction to HPC (Lunarc May 2014)
Introduction to HPC (Lunarc May 2015)Introduction to HPC (Lunarc November 2015)Introduction to HPC (Lunarc October 2014)
Introduction to Linux and Abisko (HPC2N, April 22)Introduction to Linux and Abisko (HPC2N, May 27)Introduction to OpenMP and MPI (HPC2N, December 2016)
Introduction to PDC (Feb 2017)Introduction to PDC (Feb 2018)Introduction to PDC (Feb 2019)
Introduction to PDC (February 2016)Introduction to PDC (Oct 2017)Introduction to PDC (Oct 2018)
Introduction to PDC (Sept 2016)Introduction to PDC (September 2014)Introduction to PDC (September 2015)
Introduction to Programming the Xeon Phi Processor (November 2015)Introduction to Shared Memory Programming and OpenMP (HPC2N, May 28, 2015)Introduction to SweGrid (NSC 2011)
Introducton to OpenMP/MPI, HPC2N, 26 March 2018JaguarJava
KI Certificate InformationKTH Certificate InformationKalkyl
KappaLAMMPSLES Code Parallelization
LUNARCLUNARC HPC Desktop (Lund, December 2017)LUNARC HPC Desktop (Lund, February 2018)
LUNARC storageLU Certificate Information
LiU Certificate InstructionsLindgrenLinux For Beginners (C3SE November 2016)
List of application expertsList of non-active application expertsList of resources
List of systems expertsMATLAB using SNIC clusters (C3SE June 2014)MATLAB using SNIC clusters (HPC2N September 2014)
MATLAB using SNIC clusters (Lunarc May 2014)MATLAB using SNIC clusters (UPPMAX September 2014)MD/CHARMM course at HPC2N (4 May 2017)
MDR model library updateMD Course at HPC2N, Umeå, June 2016MIMICA code analysis
MPI (Göteborg March 2019)MPI (Lunarc November 2016)MPI (Lunarc October 2014)
MPI (Lunarc October 2015)MPI (Lunarc October 2017)MPI (Lund November 2018)
MPI (PDC December 2015)MPI (PDC December 2017)MPI (PDC November 2014)
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