Running parallel jobs in Matlab (Lunarc Sept 2015)

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Name Running parallel jobs in Matlab (Lunarc Sept 2015)
Description Solving large problems efficiently through parallel computing in Matlab
Type of event Course
Location Lund (Lunarc)
Start date 2015-09-30
End date 2015-09-30

Seminar overview

With the Matlab Distributed Computing Server (MDCS) researchers can use the familiar Matlab environment to run computationally intensive Matlab programs efficiently on computer clusters. This course will introduce participants who are familiar with the Matlab environment to the MDCS and show how to run batch jobs, parallel computations, and work with distributed large data sets. The course will also adress the use of GPU-acceleration using Matlab. At the end of the course participants should have the ability to rewrite their scientific Matlab codes for use on the SNIC HPC resources.

There will also be an opportunity to apply for private coaching sessions on the following day with the parallel expert from The Mathworks Raymond Norris.


The course will be delivered by Anders Sjöström (Lunarc) and Raymond Norris (The Mathworks)

Course web page and registration

More information and registrations is available from the Lunarc webpage