Research data for open science (Lund, November 2018)

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Name Research data for open science (Lund, November 2018)
Description Making your research data fit for a future of open science and open data
Type of event Seminar
Location Lund (LUNARC)
Start date 2018-11-13
End date 2018-11-13

Researchers are getting more and more demands on sharing their data. Demands are coming from funders, publishers, authorities, other researchers etc. How to share data? The FAIR Data Principles are supposed to guide researchers in how to share data in order to be F=findable, A=accessible, I=interoperable, R=re-usable.

The seminar will be an introduction to the FAIR Data Principles, which has grown in importance during the last years, among research communities, funders, research infrastructures. The seminar will also bring up practical tips and examples on what you can do as a researcher to make your data FAIR.

The seminar is offered in collaboration with the University Library of Lund University and will be held in English.

Please visit the event page for more information and registration.