R in an HPC environment, Umeå, 2022-12-(14-15)

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Name R in an HPC environment, Umeå, 2022-12-(14-15)
Description R in an HPC environment
Type of event Course
Location Online
Start date 2022-12-14
End date 2022-12-15

Course overview

In this online course you will learn several strategies to write faster and more efficient code in R. This will be done in several steps starting from a serial code and then using existing packages to parallelize code so that it can take advantage of the many core architecture of Kebnekaise. An HPC cluster such as Kebnekaise is useful for R users because it can provide both more CPU power and memory than what a personal computer can offer but one needs to make code aware of these resources. We will explore ways to achieve the latter and when parallel algorithms are suitable and possible.

It is a cooperation between HPC2N and PDC, and it is also a part of the PRACE Training Courses.


Participants should have at least a basic knowledge of using the command line.

Course web page and registration

For more information and registration refer to the course webpage.