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This property is only relevant for Application experts, and should be left blank for all people that do not work at least part-time as an application expert.

This property is a shortest possible style description of what organisation provides financing for the application expertise part of a person's employment, excluding SNIC AE financing. Ideally, it should not be longer than a single word. In principle, it should be empty, or set to one (or more) of these words:

  • NSC, Uppmax, PDC (or other centre)
  • EU
  • LiU, UU, Chalmers (or other university)

If several organisations provide financing in non-equal parts, this should be reported by size and with percentages.

Example: A person working 50% FTE with application expertise, and those 50% are financed to 60% by SNIC and to 40% by NSC, this person should have Other AE financing=NSC 20%.

This property is of type: string.

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