Porting NorESM to triolith

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We are asking for assistance with porting the Earth System Model NorESM from a cluster at the Meteorological Institute (MetNo) in Norway to the cluster Triolith at NSC. The atmospheric component of NorESM has previously been setup on Tornado and Ekman and used within our group. Our colleagues at MetNo have offered to provide us with the newest version of NorESM and to help us when we have questions.

Software: 'Fortran90, mpi, intel'

Project leader: Annica Ekman E-mail: annica@misu.su.se

Universtiy: Stockholms Univ. Department: Department of Meteorology Telephone : 0704829293

Estimated time allocation: 10 (days)

Project status: Completed (2013-04-01).