Parallel Programming with Open Standards (Sept 2016)

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Name Parallel Programming with Open Standards (Sept 2016)
Description Parallel Programming seminar provided by PDC, PGI and NVIDIA
Type of event Course
Location Stockholm
Start date 2016-09-19
End date 2016-09-19



Seminar Location

Room 1440, CSC Library, Lindstedtsvägen 3, KTH, Stockholm

Seminar overview

PDC, PGI and NVIDIA invites you to an update on the following subjects:

  • Developing for future Supercomputer mixed architectures while maintaining a single code base
  • Libraries and languages - C++, FORTRAN, Python
  • Parallell Programming - it's now or never
  • Future planned Supercomputers and Accelerators
  • OpenACC and the PGI Development tool roadmap for multi-deployment (NVIDIA Accelerators and X86, POWER, ARM)
  • Implementation stories and Application case studies
  • PGI Accelerator for C - Simplified GPU Programming Using Directives

Lunch break

  • Developer Trainings available from NVIDIA and PGI
  • Engaging with NVIDIA DevTech and Architects
  • Neural Networks / Deep Learning on HPC Supercomputers - Why and How


The course is delivered by NVIDIA staff

Seminar web page and registration

For registration, email and inform us if you want to participate at lunch and eventual allergies. Seminar website will be launched soon.