NorESM fix for change to buildenv system (2015-02-16)

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Early 2015 NSC moved to using 'buildenv' module systems for grouping compiler releases. This change affects the building and running of NorESM on Triolith. Existing NorESM cases need to be modified and the code base updated for new cases.

1. Existing Cases

i. add the following lines to the 'env_mach_specific' file (at line 18):

source /etc/profile.d/modules.csh.nsc >&/dev/null
module load buildenv-intel/2012-1
module load netcdf/4.2-i1214-hdf5-1.8.9

ii. change lines 101-103 in 'Macros.triolith' to:

MPICH_PATH  := /software/intel/impi/
INC_MPI  := $(MPICH_PATH)/include64
LIB_MPI  := $(MPICH_PATH)/lib64

iii. Clean case and reconfigure:

./configure -cleanall
./configure -case

iv. Clean then rebuild the model:


2. New Cases, Existing Code

i. Copy new config. files.

cd <NorESM-base-dir>/scripts/ccsm_utils/Machines
cp /proj/cesm_input-data/NorESM/triolith_config_NorESM/Machines/* .

ii. Create new case e.g.

<NorESM-base-dir>/scripts/create_newcase -case ../cases/triolithTest -mach triolith -res f19_g16 -compset N2000AERL -pecount S -ccsm_out /proj/bolinc/users/${USER}/NorESM

3. Completely new model

Code base in /proj/cesm_input-data/NorESM has been updated. See: Building NorESM (CMIP5) on the NSC triolith system