Matlab HPC training (Linköping, Oct 2018)

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Name Matlab HPC training (Linköping, Oct 2018)
Description Matlab HPC training
Type of event Course
Location Linköping (NSC)
Start date 2018-10-24
End date 2018-10-25

This two half-days training event, given by LUNARC staff visiting NSC, introduces researchers to how they can use their familiar Matlab environment on computer clusters. The focus will be on how to run computationally intensive Matlab programs efficiently. It will show participants how to run batch jobs, parallel computations, and provide understanding on the caveats in running in a cluster environment.

The event consists of an introductory part as well as a more advanced section and is therefore suitable for both users who have started with Matlab on HPC systems and prospective users considering using Matlab on HPC systems in the near future.

For more information and registration, please visit the event page.