Introduction to WIEN2k (Nov 2021)

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Name Introduction to WIEN2k (Nov 2021)
Description Introduction to WIEN2k
Type of event Workshop
Location Linköping
Start date 2021-11-18
End date 2021-11-18

An online training event suitable for new users of the WIEN2k software package. The first part includes a brief overview and background for using WIEN2k. Thereafter, practical examples and discussion of running WIEN2k efficiently on the NSC clusters will be made. The last part of the event will be open for hands-on testing and questions. Note that for the hands-on part you need to be covered by a WIEN2k license and have an account and compute project at NSC.

Registration is not necessary, though if interested to join, I encourage you to contact me beforehand to describe your topics of interest, or if you have some other questions:

Time: 18 Nov 2021, 13:00 - ends at latest 17:00. The zoom link is distributed in the SNIC training newsletter.

For more information, see the event webpage.