Introduction to PDC (October 2022)

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Name Introduction to PDC (October 2022)
Description Introduction to PDC Systems
Type of event Course
Location Online, organised by PDC
Start date 2022-10-27
End date 2022-10-28


This course runs over two half-days and focuses on how to use the Dardel high-performance computing system at PDC. In this course, we will cover basic information about Dardel and how to use the system, including an overview of the infrastructure, accounts, logging in, running jobs, storing data, and compiling code. We will also cover relevant topics such as Bash shell, Easybuild, Singularity, SLURM job scripts, Matlab, and Python virtual environment. Hands-on exercises will be available for participants to practise using Dardel.


The course is delivered by PDC Staff.

Course webpage and registration

For more information and registration, see Course webpage