Introduction to Git, Umeå, 2022-11-(14-18)

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Name Introduction to Git, Umeå, 2022-11-(14-18)
Description Introduction to Git
Type of event Course
Location Online
Start date 2022-11-14
End date 2022-11-18

Course overview

The course will be an introduction to version control, with a strong focus on Git.

This online course covers some of the main concepts, like repositories, commits, trees, branches, and merges will be covered, as will many of the basic commands, like clone, add, push, pull, commit, and fork. We will also go one step beyond the basic concepts and explain the fundamentals of how commits and branches can be manually created by using so-called "plumbing" (low-level) subcommands.

It is a cooperation between HPC2N and UPPMAX, and it is also a part of the PRACE Training Courses.


Participants should have at least a basic knowledge of using the command line.

Course web page and registration

For more information and registration refer to the course webpage.