Intel Cluster Studio/HPC Training (HPC2N, November 2015)

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Name Intel Cluster Studio/HPC Training (HPC2N, November 2015)
Description Intel Cluster Studio/HPC Training at HPC2N
Type of event Course
Location Umeå (HPC2N)
Start date 2015-11-17
End date 2015-11-18

Seminar Location

Umeå Universitet (Room to be announced later.)

Seminar overview

HPC2N and Intel would like to welcome you to a 2 day technical training with a deep-dive in the Intel development / HPC tools. The training is an event for developers building on the Intel architecture, for those interested in learning more about parallel programming and what's next in HPC: the latest technologies and tools.

Day one will cover the Intel compilers and analytic tools (VTune Amplifier and Inspector) and day two will deep dive into the HPC covering the Intel MPI and cluster tools. They training will end with a session about Xeon Phi.


The trainer is an experienced TCE from Intel and will include both demos and real life examples in the training.

Seminar web page and registration