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Minimal software page. Copy and edit to suit your needs. Page name should be same as software name. See Template:software info for details.

Note that the lists of experts operates on information provided in the {{software information}} template on the same page, so any changes will probably not show up until the page has been refreshed once (browser side refresh should suffice).

Remember to create the Talk: page (example here).

Also note that the information on available installations of the software is set on the individual resource pages.

Example with fine tuned output:

{{software info
|description=what to put in the second arg to the complete sentence sprintf("%s is a %s.", ...), and note that it has neither capital first char nor terminal full stop char
|fields=semicolon separated list of field category names (newlines are ignored)
[ {{PAGENAME}}] (abbreviation explained) is a software package for {{#show: {{PAGENAME}} |?description}}, which is motivated by this dependent clause.

== Availability ==
{{list resources for software}}

== Tips and tricks ==
Describe general tips and tricks for using the software here, eg. compilation trickery, general workflow design to get better performance... 

== License ==
{{show license}}

Any further license particularities (such as site licenses) are succinctly described here.

== Experts ==
{{list experts}}

== Links ==
* [ Official website]
* [ Publication]
* [ Manual]