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Minimal resource page. Copy and edit to suit your needs. Page name should be same as the resource name. See Template:Resource info for details.

Description could for example be "capability cluster resource of 250 Tflops with full bisection interconnect" or "throughput cluster dedicated to materials science", or something else along those lines.

Remember to create the Talk: page (example here).

Joel Hedlund made a small utility to help update the cluster software list: File:Get snicdocs software for cluster.txt.

{{resource info
|description=what to put in the second arg of the full sentence sprintf("%s is a %s.", ...), and note that it has neither capital first char nor terminal full stop char
|resource type=one word, e.g: compute or storage.
|centre=name of centre
|is active=one word: is this in production? yes/no
|commissioning date=Rough starting date, e.g: September 2007
|decommissioning date=Rough end date (if known), e.g: September 2017
|software=comma separated list of pagenames for installed software
<!-- Example text you may like to include/modify if you set quiet=true in the "resource info" template. Otherwise just delete this. 
{{PAGENAME}} is a {{#show: {{PAGENAME}}|?description}}, and is located at {{#show: {{PAGENAME}}|?centre}}.

== Available software ==
{{list software at resource}}

== Links ==
* [ System details]