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Minimal project page. Copy and edit to suit your needs. Page name should be same as project name. See Template:project info for details.

Note that project members are added by setting the project property (e.g. [[Project::Project name]]) on their respective user pages (e.g. User:Joel Hedlund (NSC)). This is to make sure all user information is kept on the user pages.

Remember to create the Talk: page (example here).

Example with fine tuned output:

{{project info
|description=Test suite for VASP
|research project=(ok well this project does not have a research project association, but if it did you could state it like so: SeRC: Electron structure solved once and for all.)
|fields=Computational materials science
|start date=2011-05-01
|end date=

Describe your project here, using your document structure of choice and in as much detail as you deem necessary. Look at other project for guidance. 

== Members ==
{{#ask: [[Category:Person]] [[project::{{PAGENAME}}]]

If you feel the need to specify roles within the project, this is a good place to do so.