Debugging of HPC applications, September 2019

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Name Debugging of HPC applications, September 2019
Description Debugging of HPC applications
Type of event Seminar
Location Lund (LUNARC)
Start date 2019-09-26
End date 2019-09-26

Resolving problems in HPC applications, in particular parallel applications, can be a complicated and time consuming task. Modern code development tools greatly assist developers, when resolving common issues such as code crashes, wrong results, memory corruption and deadlock.

In this seminar we will provide an introduction to the ARM DDT (formerly known as Allinea DDT) debugger, which is part of the ARM FORGE tools suite. ARM DDT is particular useful when working on parallel applications utilising MPI and/or OpenMP. There is a SNIC wide license for ARM FORGE and the tool is available at all SNIC centres, not only LUNARC.

Please visit the event page for more information and registration.