Datahandling using R tidyverse (Lund, November 2019)

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Name Datahandling using R tidyverse (Lund, November 2019)
Description Introduction to data handling using R tidyverse in a modern software environment
Type of event Workshop
Location Lund
Start date 2019-11-13
End date 2019-11-14

Course overview

The aim of the workshop is to teach researchers the fundamental skills that will help them be more productive while producing work of higher quality. During this two day workshop, students learn how to automate tasks using the Unix shell, how to track and share work using version control in Git, and data management and visualisation in R.

The workshop is based on Software Carpentry material, but not a full Software Carpentry course.


Participants do not require previous knowledge in any of the tools presented during the workshop. It is aimed at novice users.

Course web page and registration

For more information and registration refer to the event page on the Lunarc webpages. Registration is now open.