CodeRefinery Workshop (Lund, May 2018)

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Name CodeRefinery Workshop (Lund, May 2018)
Description CodeRefinery Workshop
Type of event Workshop
Location Lund (Lunarc)
Start date 2018-05-15
End date 2018-05-17

Course overview

CodeRefinery teaches students and researchers how to write better code and provide research groups with software development e-infrastructure tools to collaboratively develop, review, discuss, test, and share their codes. The workshop address all academic disciplines and tries to be as programming language-independent as possible.

The aim of the workshop is to demonstrate to and familiarize the participants with best practices and tools in modern research software development. The main focus is on professional tools for the efficient development and maintenance of research software. Since most research code is developed in a collaborative setting, we will discuss tools and workflows which facilitate this process. Most of the content is also relevant to single developer projects.

The workshop is hosted by Lunarc in Lund. CodeRefinery is a project within the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC) in which SNIC is a partner.

Course web pages and registration

Detailed information and registration for this course is available on the course page. Local information is available on the Lunarc web site.