Building mom5.0.2 (modular ocean model) on triolith

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This page describes the compiling of the NOAA/GFLD MOM (modular ocean model) version 5.0.2 (MOM home) on NSC's triolith system (triolith). Version 5 of MOM is an open source project released under the GPL license.

1. Ensure the correct intel compile module and wrappers are loaded using:

module load build-environment/nsc-recommended

2. Download source code to an appropriate folder (e.g. /home/${USER}/)

git clone git://; cd mom; git checkout 5.0.2

3. Copy the triolith specific config files and to the bin folder

cp /nobackup/global/struthers/Public/mom5.0.2/ /home/${USER}/mom/bin
cp /nobackup/global/struthers/Public/mom5.0.2/ /home/${USER}/mom/bin

4. Copy the compile script to the 'exp' folder

cp /nobackup/global/struthers/Public/mom5.0.2/ /home/${USER}/mom/exp

5. Run the compile script using the platform flag (example below is for the CM2M version of the model):

cd /home/${USER}/mom/exp
./ --type CM2M --platform

6. Go and have a coffee, the compile takes quite some time.

7. Check in the folder /home/${USER}/mom/exec. If the build is successful there should be a folder which contains a CM2M folder with your executable.