Building and running MIMICAv4 on Tetralith

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This page describes the building the MIMICAv4 on NSC's Tetralith system.

MIMICA is a 3D high-resolution model designed for atmospheric applications and written entirely in fortran. The code has been originally developed by Chien Wang at MIT, and later updated and transformed into a true LES model by Julien Savre at Stockholm University. Today, MIMICA is developed under the git version control system and is hosted on the Bitbucket web-page

Getting the source code

Once you have a Bitbucket account with the correct permissions to access the MIMICA repository, the MIMICAv4 distribution can be cloned by executing, e.g.:

git clone --branch tetralith_version

Note: choose the tetralith_version branch. If you want to use the master branch, instructions given below.

If space permits, it is recommended that the source files be downloaded into the /home file system on Tetralith. This ensures that your code, and configuration files are backed up.