Building NorESM 1 Tetralith

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Short build instructions (NorESM1 on Tetralith):

1. Download NorESM1 source code (to the folder <noresm_source>). NorESM source code can be obtained after registration with the developers, see: Obtaining a version of the model

2. Copy:


to <noresm_source>/scripts/ccsm_utils/Machines

3. Load modules:

module load buildenv-intel/2018.u1-bare netCDF/

4. Create new case, e.g.

cd <noresm_source>/scripts
./create_newcase -case ../cases/casename -res f19_g16 -compset N2000AERCN -mach tetralith -ccsm_out /proj/bolinc/users/${USER}/NorESM1-out

Nb. -ccsm_out variable is required. This sets where the model is compiled and where output is written.

5. Go to case folder. Execute

./configure -case

6. Edit any env files you wish.

7. If not set, add:


8. Build and run your model ($ & sbatch $