Building EC-Earth4 on Tetralith

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The documentation below gives the minimal steps required to build EC-Earth 4 on Tetralith. Please see the EC-Earth 4 getting started tutorial for more details.

Getting the sources

The source code can be downloaded form the EC-Earth development portal source code repository. Check available model versions using:

> svn ls

The source code should be downloaded into the /home file system. This ensures that your code, and configuration files are backed up. For example:

> mkdir Projects
> cd ~/Projects
> svn co ECE4-trunk
ECE4 conda environment

A pre-prepared conda environment for EC-Earth4 is available for use in /proj/bolinc/shared/software/Python/ECE4. To activate this environment:

> module load Anaconda/2020.07-nsc1
> conda activate /proj/bolinc/shared/software/Python/ECE4
Building the EC-Earth 4 components

Edit the <base>/sources/se/user-settings.yml line 9 such that the "base_dir" variable points to the correct path for your EC-Earth 4 model. From the example above:

      base_dir: "/home/x_abcde/Projects/ECE4-trunk"

Load the intel 2018a-eb build envirunment module:

> module load buildenv-intel/2018a-eb

You can now build individual components using the "se" (ScriptEngine) python module, and the platforms/nsc-tetralith.yml platform definition, e.g. oasis

> cd /home/x_abcde/Projects/ECE4-trunk/sources/se
> se user-settings.yml platforms/nsc-tetralith.yml compile-oasis.yml > se-output-oasis.log 2>&1